We celebrate our annual Charity Day again on Tuesday 9 April. We need good toys, puzzles, household goods, books, DVD’s, CD’s etc. The goods have to be in good condition ( No clothes or shoes please ) and can be brought to school from the 18th March. All donations have to be brought up to the top floor and placed in the nook across from Agnes’ class. Please could you sort out the items into different bags and label them: i.e. books for children, young children’s toys etcetera. We would appreciate any new items (perfume, candles or anything special) for the Raffle.

On Tuesday we had an assembly to choose our charity. There were 3 options namely Kika bouwt – a children’s cancer charity, Guide dogs for the blind association and Pallieter a local children’s hospice. All children from groups 3 upwards could choose. Kika bouwt had 51 votes, Guide dogs for the blind had 53 votes and Pallieter came out as the clear winner with 82 votes.

Stichting Pallieter have opened the first hospice for critically ill children in Capelle aan den Ijssel just over 4 years ago. Children can stay there for respite care away from hospital surroundings. It’s a very worthwile cause and let’s hope we raise lots of money! Last time we managed to raise over €2000 for Pallieter! Let’s hope we can do even better this year!

Important Dates
21 March
Farm trip group 3B
22 March
School closed- Study day teachers
28 March
Free day groups 1-4 only
30 March
Deadline bookclub order
29 March - 1 April
Easter holidays
2 April
Farm trip group 7/8
3 April
SKVR activity for groups 3 A, 3 B and 4/5S
9 April
 Charity Day
10 April SKVR activity for groups 4/5M and 4/5D
15-18 April
School camp groups 6, 6/7 and 7/8
23 April
Parent-pupil conferencing 15:00 – 18:00
24 April
Piano concert Jacqueline’s pupils
14 May
School photographer