Cheque uitreiking door Eastman

Pallieter Hospice: Thanks for your support!

Pallieter Hospice thanks Eastman Capelle employees for donating (part of) their Christmas vouchers in 2013. Together we have collected almost 400 euro’s – which is doubled by Eastman up to 800 euro. This is 200 euro more than last year! Thank you all very much for your support!
Rein Lander: “Eastman supports us for many years now and we are very grateful for your help.  With your support is it possible for the Pallieter Hospice to give the children, their parents and brothers and sisters more quality of life, when a chance to recovery is no longer possible.
With donations like this we have been able to buy a special water bed last year. Too often it happens that children who have endured many surgeries become addicted to morphine. With this special water bed we can treat these children and help them to detox from this addiction.  We also use donations to organize respite breaks for the families of children. These short breaks have positive benefits for both children and their families as the children have the opportunity to have enjoyable experiences again. Therefore, we want to thank you.”
Source: Corporate Communications